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Energy pack for Linky meters: understand and reduce your energy consumption

Control your energy consumption

Understand and easily view your energy consumption on a remote display device; adopt best practices to consume more efficiently.

Plug & play system

The Energy pack can be quickly and easily installed without the need for a professional installer.

Scalable system

Fully scalable, the Ubiant solution allows you to integrate other connected objects via NFC scanning or QR code reading to generate additional services and transform your home into a smart home.

Contents of the Linky meter Energy pack:

Objects and an application to better track
your energy consumption

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Ubiant Luminion


The Luminion is a community-oriented tool that displays your energy consumption. Equipped with an NFC (Near Field Communication) reader, you can use it to incorporate objects in your home, trigger an action via an NFC tag, or inform Ubiant system of your perceived comfort.

The Ubiant Application lets you easily understand your energy consumption and access your 3D digital home.

The Ubiant Gateway connects to your ISP box via Ethernet to allow objects to interact with one another.

The Linky Radio Transmitter is used to measure the electrical consumption of a building equipped with a Linky meter. It comes with an adapter to make it compatible with electronic electricity meters.

Ubiant Application

Ubiant Gateway

Linky Radio Transmitter


Easily control your energy and incorporate
other objects to generate services:

Build your virtual home to take with you everywhere, and benefit from your first services

• Create your home’s different rooms in your Ubiant Application
• Display your home on your smartphone
• View, predict and reduce your energy consumption

Reduce your electricity consumption by up to 25%

• Display your electricity consumption in real time
• Predict your consumption for the day, week, month or year ahead
• Act accordingly to reduce your consumption: switch off lights, reduce the bedroom temperature, etc.
• Compare your consumption with that of the community

Obtain a multitude of customized services

• Add IoT objects in Ubiant system to generate your first services (Netatmo Weather Station, Philips Hue lighting, etc.)
• Add Quickmove-certified objects in your Ubiant home via the Luminion’s NFC reader to generate new services
• Select the services that you want in the Ubiant application

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