Smart building system
based on artificial intelligence

A platform that is unique on the market

Self-organizing connected objects

Thanks to AI-based algorithms, Ubiant solution offers self-organizing properties of objects that allow you to generate new services, without any programming, simply by adding Quickmove-certified objects in Ubiant solution by contactless NFC scanning.

Self-learning and predictive abilities

Ubiant solution is aware of the activity that goes on in a building. Like humans, it draws on situations encountered to learn and predict future behaviors: prediction of energy consumption, activity, maintenance actions to trigger, etc.

Real-time, self-adjustment of the building

Ubiant solution takes account of each building’s unique and changing attributes, including its location, its design, its equipment and especially how it is used and perceived by its occupants, as well as any unforeseen situations that may arise.

Combined management of energy and comfort

Ubiant solution cross-functionally manages three comfort criteria – temperature, light, and air quality, and three energy sources – electricity grid, local energy production, and stored energy. It defines – in real time – the best balance between these comfort criteria and these energy sources.

Smart Grid System and Smart City Ready

Thanks to the Ubiant Community platform, via which buildings can communicate with one another, Ubiant solution natively offers dedicated dispersed adjustment functionalities, and can be used to integrate renewable and stored energy sources to foster the emergence of Positive Energy Territories.

Big Data Ready System

Ubiant solution collects a substantial amount of data which it uses to regulate buildings or groups of buildings. Thanks to a decentralized architecture, Ubiant solution is natively designed to accommodate scale-up actions resulting from the development of connected objects and buildings.

Secure solutions and privacy

Ubiant solution is fully secure to guarantee the inviolability of its system, and is already compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Ubiant guarantees that no other use of the data produced by Ubiant solution is made other than that performed for the individuals who generate data.

Open system and R2S

Ubiant solution is compliant with the SBA’s (Smart Buildings Alliance) R2S (Ready to Services) reference system, which defines the building in three fully independent, interoperable tiers: equipment, infrastructure and services.