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Deploy “Smart” batches of an operation thanks to an industrialized, secure and interoperable solution

A multi-factor and cross-functional solution

Thanks to its self-adjusting properties Ubiant solution is able to cross-functionally manage the temperature, light and air quality in line with an energy consumption target.

A scalable solution

Ubiant OS’ self-organizing properties serve to generate new services, without any programming, simply by adding Quickmove-certified objects to the OS by contactless NFC scanning.

An open and interoperable solution

Ubiant solution is compliant with the SBA’s (Smart Buildings Alliance) R2S (Ready to Services) reference system, which defines the building in three fully independent, interoperable tiers: equipment, infrastructure and services.

Secure solutions

Ubiant solution is fully secure to guarantee the inviolability of its system. The Ubiant team includes experts in IT infrastructure security.

Privacy and respect for individuals

Ubiant solution is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Ubiant guarantees that no other use of the data produced is made other than that performed for the individuals who generate data.

Platform of tools to deploy operations and manage buildings

Ubiant provides professionals with the Ubiant platform. This platform is used to deploy, manage and monitor an operation in completely independence. It also offers training tools.

Deployment times reduced by a factor of 8–10

Thanks to the tools offered by the Ubiant platform on the one hand, and the self-organizing properties of the system combined with the addition of Quickmove-certified objects on the other, the deployment times of Ubiant solution are reduced by a factor of eight to ten compared with standard solutions.

Customized support / hotline

Ubiant offers businesses online support via the www.support.ubiant.com/pro site, as well as a hotline. The Ubiant hotline is operated in France by expert operators who are Ubiant employees.

Tools for solution deployment

Ubiant provides a platform with tools used to deploy, manage and monitor in-building operations.


Module used to create different operations, homes and the associated accounts.


Module used to manage access rights, authorizations, etc.


Module used to supervise buildings during their deployment and operation.


Module used to collect and analyze qualified data relating to the building.

Our achievements

Flexom 2.0 Bouygues Immobilier

Bouygues Immobilier selected Ubiant to deploy its Flexom 2.0 solution in its new homes to make them connected.

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Vertuoz by Engie

Vertuoz Pilot powered by Ubiant. Tools to reduce energy consumption and enhance occupants’ comfort.

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