Hemis, the solution for
connected and smart buildings


Want to save energy without compromising on comfort? Well, you can! Watch the interview with Emmanuel Olivier, CEO of Ubiant, on BFM Business.

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Hemis, a platform optimized for all buildings: residential, commercial, local authority

With its artificial intelligence-based platform, Ubiant puts the human back at the core of the setup via its Hemis system. Whether using voice assistants or 3D displays of buildings, Ubiant provides occupants with services that facilitate their everyday lives, and next-generation smartphone apps. Professionals will have access to all tools via an industrialized, secure and interoperable solution to rapidly deploy “Smart” batches of their operations for residential homes, commercial and business premises.

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Reduce energy consumption and enhance occupants’ comfort

Hemis defines the perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfort through the combined, real-time management of temperature, light, and air quality criteria in line with a preset energy consumption target.

Supervise the activity of one or more buildings

Hemis can be used to create an active, digital model of a building or group of buildings to supervise their energy consumption, comfort, potential anomalies, etc.

Unlimited control over a building, wherever you are

Hemis can be used to control – locally or remotely – a residential or commercial building via a new generation of human-machine interfaces (HMIs): intuitive applications, voice control, contactless NFC scanning.

Promote energy consumption awareness and establish best practices

Hemis offers tools that anyone can deploy to view energy consumption levels and “consume better”, The Hemis Luminion, a luminous consumption display device, and the Linky Radio Transmitter, adapted to France’s “Linky” electric meters and to digital electric meters.

Constantly enhance a building to accommodate new uses

The Hemis system allows the constant emergence of new services, without any programming, simply by adding Quickmove-certified objects to the Hemis OS by contactless NFC scanning.

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