Open platform with
250 interoperable objects

Open platform of augmented, communicating objects


A universal language for all objects that enables them to communicate


Capacity of adding, moving or removing objects, with no programming and no technical knowledge necessary


An open system that can host an unlimited number of connected objects and generate services

Quickmove label

Quickmove is an open platform with more than 250 connected objects.

Under an Open Data license, it facilitates the deployment of installations and guarantees object interoperability.

Quickmove is not a software solution; it is a downloadable JSON description format used to build services by connecting to the device via a unique ID, and communicating via a universal ontology.

Systems compliant with the Quickmove requirements and ontology can thus interact with the corresponding device. As long as they are compliant with the specifications that define their interfaces, these systems can freely evolve without any risk of breaking this communication capability.

Open-data platform

Only communicating objects with an open, standardized communication protocol can be registered in the Quickmove repository. For proprietary or closed protocols, a “Discovery” mode can be used via the APIs of a third party account (IoT, Home Automation or Technical Building Management). This mode also ensures compatibility with communicating objects deployed before the existence of Quickmove, or which were not registered in the Quickmove repository when manufactured.

The Quickmove platform allows:

  • Industrialists to reference their connected devices and thus guarantee their interoperability with other devices in the Quickmove repository, including those added in the future.
  • Smart system publishers who utilize the Quickmove repository ontology to guarantee compatibility with their services and the stability of their APIs over time.
  • Gateway or automaton manufacturers to be compatible with the Quickmove translation formula. This means that the device can be registered without having to update the gateway’s firmware, including for devices unknown when the gateway is installed in the building.
  • Contracting authorities or prime contractors to specify a Smart program that guarantees interoperability over time. This facilitates the drafting of specific technical specifications that refer only to the Quickmove type in the text, without having to describe all the functionalities and commissioning rules expected to guarantee system interoperability.
  • Users (operators or occupants) to add Quickmove connected objects to their installation themselves, without having to be familiar with their technical operation, or to have specific expertise in order to use them.

Open platform with more than
250 connected objects

Connected objects equipped with the Quickmove technology can be instantly installed, moved or removed in Ubiant solution via the Luminion’s NFC reader or a smartphone.