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You are a property promoter, building company,
builder of individual homes

3D model of homes (BIM)

Ubiant solution allows to create the active, digital model of each operation and each home. This model serves to optimize the deployment, administration and monitoring of each operation, and to underscore the property’s value for the sale transaction.

Smart, connected homes without major supplementary cost

Thanks to the 3D model of the homes, the Ubiant platform’s deployment tools, and the self-organizing properties of Quickmove-certified objects, the system can make homes smart at minimal cost.

A unique expertise on the market

With more than 6,000 digital homes created, 500 connected homes and 20,000 connected objects deployed to date, Ubiant benefits from solid experience in the deployment of smart solutions for the various players concerned in the construction process. Moreover, its solution benefits from the endorsement of real, satisfied users, living in real conditions.

Convergence with regulations concerning the digital maintenance and repair record

The Ubiant solution offer converges with the French Energy Transition for Green Growth Act of August 2015, which imposes the implementation of a digital maintenance and repair record for buildings, starting from January 1, 2017 for new housings.

Enhancing the value of housings

Ubiant solution enhances the value of housings by making them smart and connected. Ubiant solution can be used to make all the connected objects from the IoT universe (e.g. Philips Hue, Google Home, Netatmo weather station) communicate with connected objects from the building universe (such as sensors and actuators) within a single application.

A scalable service range

Ubiant solution proposes an unlimited offering. It allows to generate a whole host of services by adding existing and future objects.

Content of the residential offer :

For the deployment and monitoring of operations:

Ubiant license

A Ubiant license which allows you to use the Ubiant OS and the associated application.

Deployment tools

A Ubiant tool platform to create your own operations and the various accounts, and then to supervise and analyze them.

Energy pack

Pack including: Ubiant Gateway, Ubiant Luminion and Linky Radio Transmitter.

Support and hotline

A Ubiant customer support service with a dedicated hotline, and advisers based in France.

Simple and intuitive interfaces

Ubiant Application: Access and remotely control your digital home

The app lets you access all your home’s functions (lighting, shutters/blinds, temperature, configuration of alerts or schedules, etc.)

Ubiant Luminion: Display your energy consumption

Via lights-based messages, the Ubiant Luminion notifies you whenever you exceed your target consumption level defined for a set period.

Ubiant tags: access your home’s functions

These tags are “shortcuts” used to access the home’s functions: “Back home”, “Too hot”, “Too cold”, etc.

Unique services for occupants, allowing them to:

Display their digital home

  • Consult the rooms inside the home
  • Display the comfort criteria

Adjust environmental factors

  • Control the lighting, shutters and openings
  • Express the perceived comfort
  • Save and activate different atmospheres
  • Configure programs/schedules

Control their energy consumption

  • Define a consumption target not to be exceeded
  • View the consumption history per energy source

Receive alerts or get notified

  • View a stream of notifications and alerts
  • Create or delete certain alerts (e.g. water leakage)

A scalable offer, with unlimited services…

Unlimited additional services by adding connected objects in your home

Some examples of additional services:

“Colored atmosphere” service

“Measure devices’ electrical consumption” service

“Air quality” service

“Water leakage detection” service



Another way of interacting with your home

Google Home

With Ubiant Assistant, you can control your home vocally.