Ubiant, creative solutions
for smart buildings

Ubiant has received numerous awards and distinctions, and has acquired considerable recognition in the building ecosystem

September 2016
“Trophée Smart Cities” – Engie-Ubiant team

Ubiant, along with Vertuoz, was awarded the “Trophée IE-Club 2016”. The competition was based on the best Major Group–Start-up combination. ENGIE develops VERTUOZ, a digital services platform and IoT for smart buildings. The partnership with UBIANT was recompensed by the Jury as representative of the construction of an ecosystem of partners within the VERTUOZ circle, where the partners mutually enhance their offers.

January 2016
CES Innovation Award 2016

Ubiant received a CES Innovation Award for its Luminion, category “Tech For A Better World”, at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

December 2015
SIMI awards (Salon de l’immobilier d’entreprise – business real estate event)

Ubiant was awarded the “Nouveaux Usages” (New Uses) trophy for its Ubiant platform.

July 2015
Label #PME Réussite de Planète PME (“successful SME” certification)

Ubiant has received the “#PME Réussite” (successful SME) certification from “Planète PME 2015” in the Climatic Transition category. Planète PME is an annual forum organized by France’s CGPME employer organization for business leaders and SMEs. Ubiant received the “#PME Réussite” certification for its capacity to innovate and produce growth.

June 2015
Trophée des Objets Connectés (Connected Objects competition)

Ubiant won the energy and environment control award in the Connected Home category of the Trophée des Objets Connectés 2015 competition.

May 2015
Alliance Thread Group’s first Innovation Enabler 2015 program

Ubiant is the first start-up in the world to win the Innovation Enabler program, a Thread Group initiative that comprises the connected home’s leading players, including ARM, Big Ass Fans, Freescale Semiconductor, Nest Labs/Google, Samsung Electronics, Silicon Labs, Somfy, Tyco and Yale Security. Now a part of this Thread Group Alliance, Ubiant will share its vision to help define the Thread communication protocol between the connected home’s various devices. This collaboration has helped to further increase the start-up’s competitiveness, and has brought Ubiant a high level of international visibility.