Ubiant, creative solutions
for smart buildings

Ubiant designs and develops “distributed artificial intelligence” solutions

Developing ambient intelligence to live better in tomorrow’s world while preserving the planet’s resources…

Certified as an “innovative business” by BPI France, Ubiant designs and develops solutions for buildings and connected objects. Its goal is to further the deployment of “ambient intelligence” – improving people’s living conditions in tomorrow’s world while preserving the planet’s resources. Ubiant seeks to instill this form of intelligence in people’s everyday objects and in their living spaces: at home, work or school, in hotels, etc.

…using innovative solutions and straightforward user interfaces.

Faced with today’s pressing energy and environmental concerns, Ubiant’s immediate goal is to offer people innovative solutions so that they can make better use of the energy available to them. This result is Ubiant solution, an intelligent solution for the benefit of energy efficiency. Ubiant thus anticipates the needs of tomorrow’s Positive Energy Territories and Smart Cities, which will integrate a substantial number of connected objects and buildings. Ubiant’s vision is that in order to be adopted, technologies must step aside for user services and become facilitators of daily life, both at home and at the office.