Ubiant, creative solutions
for smart buildings

A multi-disciplinary team working towards collective intelligence

Ubiant’s strength lies with a team that combines expertise in engineering sciences, social sciences, architecture and industrial design. This enables it to tackle multi-disciplinary issues resulting from the natural convergence of various universes, and to bring out collective intelligence.


Specific know-how based on multi-agent systems technology

Ubiant notably benefits from singular know-how in the management of complexity and unforeseen events based on multi-agent systems (MAS) technology and artificial intelligence. This core of intelligence acquired by Ubiant is the fruit of ten years’ research and development undertaken by a team of eight researchers, most of whom hold doctorates in Distributed Artificial Intelligence (reactive or cognitive MAS systems).

Experience in user interfaces

Ubiant also represents twenty years of experience acquired by certain team members in the field of user interfaces, and more specifically mainstream software, massively multiplayer online games, and social networks.

Expertise in architecture and industrial design

Ubiant also has highly specific expertise in architecture and industrial design. Certain team members have carried out in-depth research into new concepts of quality modular housing that is affordable, environmentally-friendly and compliant with future energy standards.