Smart building system
based on artificial intelligence

Platform for exchanging information between buildings

Ubiant Community is a platform that brings together buildings or groups of buildings.

This cloud-based platform is designed to connect occupants, operators and energy sources. It is used to exchange data and/or actions between the Ubiant solution.

With Ubiant Community, Ubiant allows buildings to exchange information in order to generate services for smart cities and connected territories.

Ubiant Community serves to:

  • Set up mechanisms whereby buildings can communicate to exchange information, compare performances, create emulation mechanisms (e.g. energy comparisons) between users, etc.
  • Propose building monitoring services (occupancy, activity, comfort, etc.)
  • Implement dispersed adjustment by aggregating the flexibility of each building.
  • Promote the deployment of Positive Energy Territories (referred to as TEPOS), thanks to the Ubiant solution’s combined real-time management capabilities (3 comfort criteria balanced with 3 energy sources), in areas where not all buildings consume at the same time, and in which there are renewable energy sources alongside the electricity grid.

Ubiant Community fosters the deployment of smart grids and smart cities.